Work in progress....

The entire page is still under heavy development… I started this blog during my sabbatical while taking long bus rides through Laos and Cambodia. But, once I returned home, there was never enough time or I got distracted with other things. So I never brought the page to a final look that I was happy with. Now that I decided to use parts of the page to host the Tajik 2017 Timelapse Video I just wanted you to know that it is pretty much “work in slow progress” ;) [Read More]

Setting up the blog!!!

Introduction In this post I describe my journey to find a neat, small solution to finally setup a small blog solution for my self. I start first to look for a small CMS / Blog solution but almost all the PHP based solution reminded me that a) I don’t like PHP and b) I wanted to also make sure, the resulting site is easy and cheap to host. Therefore I quickly refined my requirements to static site generators and as I want to make more use of Golang, I looked for a Go based solution. [Read More]

Yet another useless blog?

The answer might be yes;) In the end I just felt that - in order to stay somewhat on top of all developments in the software space -I had to invest some time after work. Talking to colleagues about the things I learned was fun and helped, but a lot of information got lost or didn’t reach as many people as I would have liked. So I decided to post from time to time about things I learn and use this blog to point you to articles, presentations and projects. [Read More]